Silk G

Born Ricky St.Julien, ” Silk G “,earned his name from growing up in the streets of Orange, Tx. while developing a charismatic charm that became one of his smoothest and slickest attributes amongst his peers giving him his alter ego. With the heart of a hustla and the mind of a G. Silk struggled through his childhood falling victim to his surroundings and circumstances with no regards. At the age of 18 ” Silk G. ” was incarcerated and sentenced to 70 months in Federal Prison which is where he developed his knack for music. Upon being released in 2006, ” Silk G.” transformed his vision into an incorporation, Peep Game Ent., which has set out to be the most influential and successful independent labels down south. Gradually, but quickly escalading through the classic stages of his career as an artist and producer, ” Silk G ” has released his first album Open Your Eyes, documentary/dvd ” We telling you What God Love “, The Mixtape Minister, and the dvd Behind closed doors vol 1. along w/many other projects and albums in the making. ” Silk G. is now also attending Media Tech Institue for audio engineering in Houston, Tx. Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya! This guy is not your average rapper ! Smooth as a butterfly, the G. in his name not only means he’s gangsta but he’s pure GENIOUS……